Spinnaker ATMS Traffic Management Software

Spinnaker, the web based advanced traffic management software by Oriux

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Spinnaker ATMS is a true web-based Advanced Traffic Management System Software. It provides a user friendly and intuitive interface using the latest web technologies, allowing it to be viewed through a web browser from a number of different operating systems and computing devices such as Windows, OSX, Android, iOS and Linux.

Spinnaker ATMS has been designed as an integration platform for multiple sub-systems such as Intersection Control, Travel Times, Adaptive Traffic Control, CCTV, Incident Detection, Dynamic Message Signs and more.

Spinnaker ATMS’s core modules consist of the Navigator, the Explorer and the Reporter.

Features and benefits

Features and benefits

  • No special set up for remote clients
  • Ease of use
  • Multi-jurisdictional support
  • Mobile accessibility; access from anywhere
  • Integration platform for multiple ITS subsystems (Traffic control, Travel Times, CCTV, VMS, Adaptive, etc)
  • Compatible with any operating system and computing device
  • Appropriate for all systems, small to large cities
Navigator and Explorer

Navigator and Explorer

The Navigator allows seamless scrolling and zooming of map displays from a user-friendly and responsive edge to edge mapping interface. It provides users a smooth appearance at all zoom levels without overlapping or hiding device indicators. It features easy configuration of intersections, a layer manager to select and filter the devices that are viewable on the map, and configurable alarm features.

The Explorer provides users a list of all field devices connected to the system for a quick and easy way to monitor and access the status of each device. In the Reporter, users can access and customize a number of different reports such as device types, users, volume and occupancy, MOE logs and more.



  • NTCIP 1201
  • NTCIP 1202
  • NTCIP 1103
Supported File Formats

Supported File Formats

Report files can be exported as PDF, HTML, XML, RTF, MHT, MS EXCEL, TXT, CSV, Various Image Formats. Map supports consuming: KML, SHP, Any Geospatial SQL Server Data Source and POSTGIS.

Alarm Monitor

Alarm Monitor

The Navigator view also contains the alarm monitor that monitors for configured alarms. Once an alarm is raised, the alarm monitor will flash its icon to indicate that an alarm condition is present.

Graphical User Interface

Graphical User Interface

  • Spinnaker uses a combination of web-based modules and client-side tools. The web-based modules include:
  • System Map
  • Map Configurator
  • Field Device Explorer
  • Traffic Data Reporter
  • Alarm Module

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