Vision Software

Vision is a Windows software application designed for use with Oriux’s line of ADR advanced traffic counters.

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Use Vision to simplify the collection and processing of traffic count and classification data generated by the ADR 2000, 3000,6000 and Sabre devices.


Vision offers you the capability to perform required traffic study tasks and operations in the field or office, such as ADR device configuration, study and sensor verification and validation, and data retrieval.




  • Set up any of various types of communications with the ADR device,including direct RS232, modem, serial IP connections (including IP to RS232 converters and IP Modems), and USB(for ADR Sabre).
  • Retrieve study data from ADR units.
  • Retrieve configuration data from ADR units, and save to âïle.
  • View connected device's file listings of PVR, Bin Event, and log files, and download, or delete files, or perform other tasks.
  • Upload files to a connected device, files such as setup or event files.
  • Archive and retrieve the settings and files downloaded from the ADR.
  • View a virtual device interface with the actual menu the connected ADR, and operate the device, real-time, via that device menu interface.
  • Set up site study configuration parameters, such as site ID station, arrays (number, and type), channel direction, study bins, TMG data (if applicable).
  • Configure and perform live PVR monitoring and view results real-time.
  • View study report renditions, including graphical depictions of statistics.

Software Installation Requirements

For satisfactory performance. Vision software installation requires a Windows Vista or later system (Professional or Enterprise level required), with all up-to-date Microsoft service packs and patches installed. Using Vision with direct links to ADR units also requires the appropriate serial communications hardware and protocol setup, or USB cable, for connection to the respective ADR units. Vision works with ADR-1000, ADR-2000, ADR-3000 units, and their Plus variants, as well as the ADR-6000 and ADR Sabre.


Communications Channels and Network Security

Depending on the Vision installation, the connected devices, and operations to be performed, use of available IP network communications channels may be required.

In some network environments and organizations, the IP channel access rights for workstation applications must be specifically applied for and granted. Make sure, if need be, that Vision is granted permission to perform HTTP- and socket-based operations for the respective environment(s).

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