VideoTrak IQ

Combining high sensitivity in all lighting conditions with high resolution imagery

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Oriux’s Color Video Detection Camera is a rugged, high performance video camera designed for use with the VideoTrak-IQ Detection System. This camera is the perfect source to feed images into the patented digital image processing algorithms of your Oriux video traffic detection system.

Zoom/Focus over coax eliminates the need to ever open the camera housing. Built-in intelligence allows the camera to adjust to all lighting conditions which ensures the VideoTrak-IQ receives the highest quality images possible in all traffic environments.




  • Imager: 1/4 Color CCD - 380,000
  • Lens: Pixels (Sony) 18X Zoom - f = 4.1mm (wide) to 73.8mm (tele) - F1.4 to F3.0 - Horizontal Viewing Angle 48 to 2.8’
  • Zoom/Focus Control: 12VDC (Or over Coax) 1.0lx (50db)
  • Sensitivity: Greater than 50db
  • Signal to Noise Video Connector: NTSC 1 .OVp-p Color - Single 16-pin MilSpec connector combines power, video and zoom control
  • Weight: 4 lbs. 14 oz. (2.21 kg)
  • Dimensions: 11.7" (297 mm) Length - 4.41" (112mm) Height (Not including sunshield)
  • Environmental: Temperature -37’ C to +74’C (-35* F to+165’ F) 0% to 100% Relative Humidity
  • Power: 115 VAC, -20W (Heater On), - 5W (Heater Off)


  • Power Consumption: {4 channel VideoTrak-IQ} - 540mA @ 12V (6.5W) - 290mA @ 24V (7.0W)
  • Voltage: 10-26 VDC
  • Temperature Standards compliance: -NEMATS1/TS2, CALTRANS - 170/179 or 2070 ATC
  • Environmental: -40C to +85C (-40F to +185F)
  • Dimensions: Height: 4.50 (114.3mm) - Width: 2.34 (59.4mm) - Depth: 6.88 (174.7mm) - Handle: 1.09 (27.6mm)
  • Ordering Information: One Camera Video Input - # 90-180-05 - Two Camera Video Inputs - it 90-180-06 - Three Camera Video Inputs - # 90-180-07 - Four Camera Video Inputs - # 90-180-08 - ** One Camera Video Input - # 90-180-01 - ** (No SDLC Single Slot Video Card)
  • SDLC communication port allows direct connection for all TS2 environments which also makes available up to 64 output assignments and 16 phase color inputs
  • Two USB 2.0 connections allow one to be used for a mouse while the other is being used to save system configurations via a Flash Drive. It can also be used to upload new Firmware and Upgrades as they become available
  • Aux I/O connector provides an additional 8 outputs, 4 inputs, and allows for direct wiring to cabinet terminals or connection to extender cards for routing detectors to other rack slots
  • Ethernet Port - Units are “IP-Addressable allowing video streaming for hi quality remote monitoring and configuration adjustments
  • A three color status LED for each video channel
  • Edge output status LED's 1 - 4
  • Standard RCA
VideoTrak IQ



  • Simple installation - no need to ever open housing
  • Zoom and focus controls are adjusted at the cabinet using the existing coaxial video connector
  • Autofocus automatically follows any zoom command eliminating the need for manual focus operation which reduces the risk for poor night focus
  • Camera provides full color / motorized zoom focus control - with autofocus and manual focus override
  • 18 Times zoom lens is more than adequate for adjusting the image for optimum video detection over several lanes
  • High sensitivity camera - designed to provide optimum image in all lighting conditions
  • Full color camera designed to complement VideoTrak-IQ and is compatible with previous generation Peek video products
  • While the camera is smaller and lighter it retains the same bracket, connector and pin-out design, to make it reverse compatible with existing Oriux installations
  • Camera sled (cradle) can be rolled through 360 degrees (to provide level adjustment of image)
  • Designed to meet NEMA and FCC Class B, part 15 requirements.


  • A Four camera video detection card in the space of a single four channel loop detector card
  • No PC required for setup - Just a mouse and a monitor
  • Individual zone settings include: Sensitivity, shadow filtering, zone delay/extend, and vehicle directionality
  • Front or rear video inputs
  • Internal flash memory for saving configuration file directly to the card
  • Card edge connector includes 4 outputs and 2 conditional inputs
  • Card is selectable to be fully compliant with NEMA or CALTRANS standards
  • Event Log for viewing system events with date I time stamp
  • Battery backed Real Time Clock
  • 12 outputs, 6 inputs
VideoTrak IQ

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