VideoTrak XCam™ Vehicle Video Detection Technology

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VideoTrak XCam™ is Oriux and Citilog's newest video detection technology combined into one easy-to-use and powerful video detection product. Pairing the latest technology of Oriux, VideoTrak family of video detection products and the innovative XCam smart camera from Citilog, the VideoTrak XCam™ is the future of ITS video detection. It supports up to 8 XCam cameras per Cabinet Interface Unit (CIU) allowing unparalleled modularity and compact space-saving installations in NEMA or CALTRANS style cabinets. VideoTrak XCam™ centralizes the set-up and configuration of all connected cameras without the need for additional wiring or a PC computer- Just a mouse and a monitor!


Interface Features

  • Standards: NEMA TS1/TS2
  • Compliance: CALTRANS TEES 2009
  • Environmental Temperature: -40C to +85C (-40ºF to +185ºF)
  • Dimensions: Height: 4.50" (114.3mm) - Width: 2.34" (59.4mm) - Depth: 6.88" (174.7mm) - Handle: 1.09" (27.6mm)
  • Voltage: 10-26 VDC
  • Additional Features (Front Panel):
    • SDLC communication port allows direct connection for all TS2 environments which also makes available up to 64 output assignments and 16 phase color inputs
    • 2 host, 1 device USB 2.0 connections allow one to be used for a mouse while the other is being used to save system configurations via a Flash Drive. It can also be used to upload new Firmware and Upgrades as they become available
    • Ethernet Ports - Units are "IP-Address-able" allowing video streaming for hi quality remote monitoring and configuration adjustments
  • SD card
  • No PC required for setup - Just a mouse and a monitor
  • Individual zone settings include: Sensitivity
  • Web Interface
  • Card edge connector includes 4 outputs and 2 conditional inputs
  • Card is selectable to be fully compliant with NEMA or CALTRANS standards
  • Event Log for viewing system events with date /time stamp
  • Battery backed Real Time Clock
VideoTrak XCam

XCam-p Smart Camera Features

  • Sensor:
    • 1/4" VGA CMOS sensor.
    • Minimum illumination 0.04 lux @ f/1.2. Anti-blooming, zero smearing
    • Signal to Noise ratio: >50dB
  • Housing:
    • IP67 Injection molded polycarbonate housing. Sun shield for hot climate and direct sun exposure. Size: 132 x 254 x 124 mm
    • PowerSupply: +12/24V AC/DC
    • Power consumption: < 3W
    • -34°C/+74°C
    • Humidity: 0 to 95% RH, no condensing.
    • Weight: 600 g
  • Detection Highlights:
    • High performance trajectory and tracking-based vehicle presence detection.
    • High efficiency algorithm with comprehensive filters for all weather and lighting conditions.
    • Easy setup, configuration and maintenance.
    • Video streaming capability.
    VideoTrak XCam
VideoTrak XCam


  • Low cost and seamless deployment of presence sensors.
  • Fast ROI for above-ground detection compared to traditional road-embedded sensors.
  • Fully compliant NEMA or CALTRANS standards
  • Uses smart camera technology

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