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Street-Link is a valuable tool for the field technician setting up a temporary traffic study. With an intuitive user interface, the handheld Street-Link provides key diagnostics on the operation of Oriux data recording equipment.

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It also offers the ability to download GPS location and time, simply and quickly, with “single pushbutton” ease.


The Oriux Street-Link is a productivity enhancement tool compatible with the Oriux Sabre and the Pulsar. It connects to either of those traffic data recorders using a standard USB connection. Once connected to a Sabre or Pulsar, and activated, the Street-Link provides an easy to understand “gas gauge” type indication of memory capacity. It also provides a “low battery” LED indicator to indicate that the unit may not have adequate battery charge to complete a study. Further, when the connected data recorder is used in conjunction with road tubes, the Street-link provides a clear indication of proper road tube operation as vehicles travel over them. These functions help the field technician ensure that the equipment is operating properly before they leave a traffic study site.




  • A very powerful feature of the Street-Link is its internal GPS. When the Street-Link is connected to a Sabre or Pulsar traffic data recorder in the field, the technician is able to load the GPS based location and time into the recorder.
  • Better still, transfer of location, or time, only requires one button push. This greatly simplifies technician training and reduces time in the field. Entering this data helps ensure that the traffic study is performed at the correct location and improves the value of your traffic data.
  • When used with the Oriux Pulsar and the Pulsar Reporter software, having the GPS location in the traffic study data enables the software to access Google Maps to display an image of the study location. This provides the ability to perform a quick, simple, yet very effective validation of the traffic study setup.
  • Street-Link is designed for field use. Its rugged design includes a rubberized, removable skin to protect against accidental impacts. The only maintenance required is occasional replacement of the standard alkaline batteries.
  • The Oriux Street-Link provides a quick, easy to learn and use tool to help ensure traffic studies are accurate, complete, and in the proper location, thus maximizing their value.


  • Hardware:

    - Provides
    • "One-button sync" to GPS location and time using internal GPS electronics
    • Easy in-field monitoring of installed Pulsar or Sabre to verify proper operation with road tubes
    • Quick check of Pulsar or Sabre battery and memory

    - Compatible with Oriux Sabre and Oriux Pulsar traffic data recorders
    • Optional, commonly available USB A to USB B adapter needed for use with Sabre
  • Housing: Rugged injection molded plastic with rubberized, removable skin for added protection
  • Dimensions: 4.5”L X 3.0”W X 1.0”H
  • Weight: Less than 1lb
  • Operating Temperature Range: -0F to 130F (-18C to +55C)
  • Electronics
    • Microcontroller based
    • Membrane keypad for reliability
    • LED indicators display operating status
    • GPS satellite lock
    • GPS Location synced
    • GPS Time synced
    • Road tube activation
    • Data recorder memory status
    • Data recorder battery status
    • Street-Link battery status
  • Communications: USB Standard B type connector, washable, gold plated contacts;
    • 6 foot long attached cable facilitates ease of use
  • Power: (2) replaceable, alkaline AA batteries

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