C5000 ATC

A new intersection traffic control field unit that incorporates control, safety monitoring and signal switching in a compact IT-style rack assembly, marrying high density and high capability into a single space

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The C5000 is designed with the user in mind. It can be programmed remotely or on-site using a PC, Mac, or mobile device, detachable keyboard and display, or from an NTCIP central system.


It is driven by Oriux’s renowned software Greenwave, a powerful Linux-based multi-process traffic application. These devices fit in a standard nineteen-inch rack while being only seventeen inches tall providing agencies with a compact solution ideal for Central Business Districts or downtown areas with limited space.





  • 19" X 17.5" X 10.5" (Dimensions are for unit only)
  • Operating voltage system from 89 to 265 VAC at 50/60 HZ
  • 16MB Flash memory standard, 64 DRAM Standard and 1MB SRAM
  • Environment from -40°F to +176°F (-40 °C to +80°C)
  • It displays 40 characters and 16 lines
  • Traffic application software is NTCIP software compliant, ensuring easy integration into any NTCIP Traffic Control System
  • Firmware updates via USB port or via ATC Link Software
  • It communicates through 2ea 10/100 Base-T Ethernet ports, 1 ea High-speed USB Port and an optional WIFI Module
  • Integrated MMU functionality with FYA monitoring per NEMA lettered configurations
  • C5000 operates with Linux
  • Includes 4 channels per load switch, up to 8 load switches for a total of 32 channels


  • ATC-based CPU, programmable via web interface or detachable display panel
  • Standard 19” rack-mounted
  • High density load switches provide up to 32 channels of outputs
  • Fuses are built into load switches for increased safety
  • Compliant with NTCIP communications protocols
  • Single display keyboard for controller and safety monitor
  • Current and voltage monitoring
  • Allows Houston, TX, 77086V or 110V opto inputs (configurable)
  • Reduced real estate, increased capability
  • PCB back panel - more consistent & more reliable product
  • Supports SDLC based detection
  • Rack mounted companion PDSU
  • Card based load switches w/ current monitoring and fused outputs for each circuit (R, Y, and G)

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