BBU Cabinet

All-in-one conditioning standby power system designed for traffic intersections.

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Complete power conditioning to ensure clean power to your traffic cabinet: Clean Power AC sinewave output, FCC Class A Noise Suppression, temperature-compensated charging, and much more.


The Oriux Clean Power Package provides full-time power conditioning and emergency backup power to traffic cabinets whenever normal electric power is lost. Increases or decreases voltage to maintain normal operation during brownouts and power spikes, reducing dangerous intersection collisions due to dark signals, saving law enforcement and emergency personnel resources. Minimizes component damage and signal tech callouts due to power failures.

All comes in an economical, ready to install package.





  • Low Battery Alert integration to leading controllers such as Peek ATC1000
  • Complete Browser based power management
  • Powers a 700W intersection for 4 hours, followed by 2 hours at 350W
  • Convenient, one part number (5200#15774) package includes:
    • Peek Battery Backup Unit (BBU) cabinet
    • Peek PowerBack 2000 ITS
    • Peek Power Transfer Switch (PTS) panel
    • Four 110 Ah/119 Ah batteries
    • Cables and Harnesses
    • Convenient Ethernet connectivity

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