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Customized solution consisting of more than 40 traffic controllers and ATMS system for Light Rail applications.

The City of Minneapolis selected the Oriux traffic controller to run 100% of their complex Light Rail Transit intersections. Oriux provided the City a customized solution which also included Spinnaker ATMS for reporting and monitoring.

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New York City

New York City

More than 13,000 intersections

In 2008 Oriux was awarded the “Best of ITS Innovation Award” as a result of our participation in the New York City traffic controller upgrade project. The project included the provision of ATC controllers in all five boroughs of the City. To date, more than 13,000 intersections in New York City have been upgraded to Oriux controllers.

To meet NYCDOT specifications, Oriux hardware underwent a grueling test program.



More than 700 intersections

The Oriux traffic controller is used in more than 700 intersections in the City of Boston. Oriux integrated its controllers into Boston's existing Urban Traffic Control System.



More than 3,000 intersections

Oriux has provided the City of Chicago with all of their intersection control needs for the last 25 years, including video detection products and more than 3,000 traffic controllers and cabinets.


Toronto, Canada

More than 1,300 traffic controllers

Oriux’s advanced controller was selected for a large scale deployment into 1,300 intersections in the City of Toronto.

The project was the result of an 18 month effort by Oriux, the City of Toronto and the Toronto Transit Commission to develop the world’s most advanced Transit Signal Priority Solution.


Montreal, Canada

More than 1,400 traffic controllers

Oriux was awarded a multi-year contract to provide more than 1,400 advanced controllers to the City of Montreal. Oriux was the only traffic controller manufacturer to meet the City's stringent requirements. Oriux is the preferred brand of traffic controllers for the City's Transit Signal Priority needs.


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

More than 330 intersections

The capital of Saudi Arabia adopted NTCIP as their communications protocol and NEMA and ATC as their cabinet and controller standards. Oriux was selected by the City of Riyadh for a deployment of more than 330 intersections which included a customized solution to adapt to the electrical and temperature environments of the Middle Eastern region.



More than 60 intersections

The City of Macau adopted the North American standards and selected Oriux for a deployment of more than 60 intersections which included a customized solution to adapt to the driving behavior of motorists in the Asian City.

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