222 and 224 GP8 Electromagnetic Loop Vehicle Detectors

Oriux's 222 GP8 allows you to optimize the detector's performance parameters for the most demanding detector application intersection control.

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For any application, the 222 GP8 identifies loop events such as open loops, shorted loops or loops with excessive inductance changes.


The event LED, using special flash rates, identifies the condition of loop fault, whether present or historical. This is the standard operation for intersection control where reliability is the major concern.

Designed especially for intersection control where crosstalk must be eliminated, the 222 GP8 provides four different front panel selectable frequencies. In addition the 222 GP8 also functions as a scanning detector, further reducing the possibility of crosstalk between two loops connected to the same detector.




  • Optimized for intersection detection
  • Excellent noise filtering
  • Four frequency settings to eliminate crosstalk
  • Pulse or presence modes per channel
  • Sensitivity boost to hold small and high vehicles
  • Fault LED to indicate present and historical loop faults
  • Seven sensitivity levels per channel
  • Sequentially scanned loops
  • Quick, simple set-up


  • Operating Modes: Two modes of operation are available via a mode selection switch, Pulse (PLS) and Presence (PR).
  • Presence: Presence times of 16, 60,120 minutes or permanent are available by setting the on board switch. Optional: any presence time value can be set from 1 to 127 minutes in 1 second increments.
  • Pulse: In pulse mode, a momentary output 125ms +/- 25ms (optional 250ms ± 30ms) is provided on vehicle entry. If the vehicle remains in the loop, a maximum of 3 seconds pulse paralysis time is provided before additional vehicles are detected.
  • Frequency:
    • F1F2 mode: 80 to 2400 μH nominal
    • F0F2 mode: 50 to 1700 μH nominal
    • FIF0 mode: 30 to 1200 μH nominal
    • F0F0 mode: 20 to 700 μH nominal
  • Sensitivity: Seven levels of sensitivity can be selected by DIP switch as follows:
    • 7 1+2-+4 = 0.01%
    • 6 0+2-+4 = 0.02%
    • 5 1+0-+4 = 0.04%
    • 4 0+0-+4 = 0.08%
    • 3 1+2+0 = 0.16%
    • 2 0+2+0 = 0.32%
    • 1 1+0+0 = 0.64%
    • 0 0+0+0 = Channel Off
  • Response Times:
  • Other available detection products: These other detection products are also available from Oriux: 222N P/N 82-2039-01
  • Requirements: 10.8 to 30 VDC. Maximum permissible RMS ripple = 700 mV.
  • Outputs: SolidState optically-isolated NPN Transistor VCE ON voltage +1.2 VDC @ 50mA. This output conducts a maximum of 500 pA in the OFF state at a collector-emitter voltage of +40 VDC
  • Failsafe Output: A DETECT Output Is given when the detector power supply fails. (Failsafe Is default)
  • Input Supply Current: For each Detector Module: Nominal Current, normal operation 80mA Maximum, with shorted loop-inputs = 90mA
  • Inductance Range: 20 to 2400 μH, automatically tuned
  • Lightning Protection: Exceeds NEMA
  • Temperature Range: -40?F to +1769F (-409C to +80^C)

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